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In a rush? Then head on over to the fridges! Giovanni’s has plenty of ready-made and packed goods for you to grab on the go. Choose from a variety of pasta, tabouleh, vegetable dishes, delicious dips and fresh salads.

You will also find their homemade juices, smoothies and breakfast bowls.


Giovanni’s offers freshly made food to take home or to enjoy on site, and prepare daily specials that are usually based on seasonal produce.

Regardless of the time of year, you can always rely on the availability of your favourite staple meals. This includes, but is not limited to, their beef lasagne, Thai plum chicken, various vegetables, curries, chicken and veal schnitzels, Pommery mash and their signature tuna Niçoise salad. There is always something for you -whether you are strictly vegan, a dedicated carnivore or a flexitarian!

Also on offer are their freshly prepared sandwiches. These sandwiches are ready-made or specified by the customer, and include a wide range of cold meats, cheeses and vegetarian options.

On the other side of the deli, you will find your mezze essentials. From homemade chopped herring and roasted peppers to Sicilian Caponata and artichokes. This spread also includes fine specialities like salmon gravlax, pickled octopus and imported olives.