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Giovanni and Nicolas Esposito are the reason behind the success of Giovanni’s Deli World. Besides being the original owners, they continue to put the same amount of hard work and wholehearted love into the deli that they did 29 years ago.

When Giovanni is not at work, he enjoys spending his free time with Sharon and his two daughters. He also loves spending time in his garden and of course, cooking.

Giovanni’s favourite food to cook at home is often experimental and is always different with each meal he prepares. His ultimate take-out is a thin-based pizza and he always enjoys his meals with a good whiskey.

Nicolas is also married and lives with his wife Clara and their three young children.

Nic says his favourite thing to cook at home is food that he and the whole family enjoys. “My children love my pasta. it’s an incredible carrier & you can sneak such goodness into it & ingredients that they don’t usually eat on their own. I also love meat and vegetable bakes in my pizza oven.”

Nic does not enjoy take-outs. Instead, he braai’s at home & sets up the table in the garden on a perfect afternoon. He adds that his mom-in-law lives with them & he has to compete with her for cooking space/time. They enjoy to work and cook together.

His favourite drink at mealtimes is red wine – he adds it makes him feel less guilty when eating rich/ fatty foods. However, when he is eating lighter meals like baked fish with his homegrown vegetables, he enjoys a glass of white.

When Nic is not at work, he thrives on family time with his beautiful wife & three children. He enjoys gardening and cooking his produce for the family. Alternatively, they take a drive through to Riebeek Kasteel (where they have a guest house) or simply chilling under his big oak tree at home. “This is my sanctuary.”

“It is also crucial to have a stable staff environment – which we have been able to achieve exceptionally well. We can boast 48 permanent staff members, of which the majority have been with the company for more than 15 years, and some as long as 28 years. They are always on hand to give efficient, loyal support.”