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On June 1st, 1989, Giovanni’s Deli World opened its doors for the first time by young and ambitious 25-year old, Giovanni Esposito.

Situated in the heart of Green Point, Giovanni’s began as a small yet homely deli, offering up fresh meals, local bread, cheeses and charcuterie.

After two years, Giovanni’s expanded and incorporated the coffee bar into the deli, which added that extra European atmosphere; a place where you can relish in your daily ritual of grabbing your morning espresso, croissant and conversation before heading to work.

The concept of the upmarket delicatessen is all about familiarity. The offering of beautiful home-cooked meals such as pasta, traditional meat and vegetable dishes, and ending it off with the occasional sweet treat.

The foundation of this Cape Town institution could not have been made possible without unconditional support from his family. Giovanni opened up shop with his wife Sharon and his brother Nic by his side, and his mama Rosa always helping out in the kitchen.

Being ten years his junior, Nicolas would help out at Giovanni’s over weekends and during school holidays. At the tender age of 18, he started working full-time at Giovanni’s and since then, they have owned and run the deli together.

Today, this celebrated deli continues to serve their loyal customers with the best imported and locally-sourced ingredients, ready-made meals and of course, their famous coffee. You are invited to come and get lost in their delicious packed shelves, meet their wonderful staff and indulge to your hearts’ content.

“It is also crucial to have a stable staff environment – which we have been able to achieve exceptionally well. We can boast 48 permanent staff members, of which the majority have been with the company for more than 15 years, and some as long as 28 years. They are always on hand to give efficient, loyal support.”