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You will seldom find a blank space in Giovanni’s shelf. Their shop collection is never-ending: from fine wines and champagne to showcasing beautiful olive oils, jarred delicacies and condiments.

They also have their own branded herbs and spices, coffee beans and pods, and pasta sauces and pestos.

“Our shelves are crammed with the finest quality olive oils, balsamic vinegar, pickles, pasta, coffees, teas, chocolates, biscuits, jam and honey, dried fruit and nuts, imported and local wines, fresh bread and pastries. This includes all essential cooking ingredients, such as squid ink, goose fat, dried porcini mushrooms, Puy lentils, anchovies, capers, Spanish smoked paprika, walnut, pistachio and hazelnut oils and much more.”

“Giovanni’s is essentially an Italian delicatessen, but also specialises in food ingredients from all over the world, as well as the finest local fare. Our deli range includes essentials such as San Daniele and Parma Hams, pancetta, coppa, mortadella, Italian salamis, Parmigiano- Regianno, mozzarella di bufala, Pecorino Romano, French chévre, Taleggio and dolcelatte, to mention just a few.”